December 13, 2015

How I Save Hours Writing Report Card Comments

For years, I've used a bank of pre-written sentences in conjunction with an Excel file to speed up the writing of comments for report cards.  This video shows how I do it.

Pre-Written Sentences 

Get them here.

Save hours writing report card comments by using the polished, pre-written sentences featured in the video. These 14 pages of comments for grades K-6 cover social skills, personal responsibility, and academics for students at grade level, below grade level, and above grade level.

Magic Comment Machine

Get it here.

Save even more time with the Magic Comment Machine. Do you find it tedious to hop between report cards every time you want to copy a sentence from one student’s comment into another? Do you worry you’ll forget to change “he” to “she” or use the wrong student’s name? Do you wish you could focus on just one subject at a time, writing all the students’ math comments, then all the reading comments, etc.? Now you can! No experience with Excel needed! 

Using the Magic Comment Machine is as easy as 1-2-3!

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